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Consciousness, connection love and wholenessReiki and Core Star Energy Healing

Consciousness, connection love and wholeness

Reiki and Core Star Energy Healing

The human body is an instrument of energy. Energy surrounds and permeates the physical body. It has 7 main chakras that function within the human energy field.

When the body is out of alignment it causes disease. The facilitator works on the energy level to bring balance back to its natural state or beyond. Energy healing is a hands on healing in the energy field to repair, restructure, clear and balance the body.

Some ailments that energy healing can help with:

Headaches, low energy, ungrounded, life purpose, relationship concerns, physical pain, feeling incomplete, trauma, clarity, depression, etc.


7 chakras energy healing


The 7 Chakras

7: Color White – The Crown Chakra – connection to spirituality
6: Color Indigo – The Third Eye – opens vision to the spiritual world
5: Color Sky Blue – The Throat Chakra – communications
4: Color Green – The Heart Chakra – connection to other human beings
3: Color Yellow – The Mental Body Chakra – relates everything to mental thoughts
2: Color Orange – The Physical/Emotional Body Chakra – connects to your physical and emotional body
1: Color Red – The Root Chakra – grounding